In the blog before the last one, I also talked about how it is difficult to find clothes to wear due to daily temperature changes this time of year, but are you feeling unwell?

It's always a problem when it suddenly rains or suddenly gets cold at night. . .

So this time! Exactly! Introducing knit coordination that can be used immediately this season! !

Let's go...

Maison Margiela


The first is Margiela's long cardigan.

The feature of this item is that it has a longer length than a regular cardigan, so even though it's a simple combination like the one in the photo, it will give you a higher class of elegance and fashion! !

The classic navy and Margiela-like olive colors can be worn by both men and women for spring and summer.

The material is wool, but it's thin, so it's a useful item this time of year. It's perfect for wearing short sleeves during the day and when it's chilly at night, and since it's a knit, you can carry it around in a bag without worrying about wrinkles! !

Next is the pile knit cardigan that sold out quickly last season.

The color is not so-called pure white, but off-white, so it goes well with beige chino pants and denim. Also, by wearing Margiela's vintage T-shirt as an inner layer, the texture of the pile will stand out even more.

Like the long cardigan, the fabric is thin, so it's a knit that you can wear even this time of year. Anyway, this one has a nice texture and a unique comfort of pile, so if you have one, you can use it anyway! !

Speaking of Margiela among Margiela fans knit! Isn't there a lot of people who say? There are many masterpieces of Margiela knitwear.


Heron's gradation knit has cardigan (khaki) and pullover (gray). Both are characterized by a silhouette with a slightly shorter length while the width and sleeve length are slightly loose.

It is easy to create a layered style where you can see the inner layer from the hem like a gray knit coordination, and the pants are easy to balance whether they are slim or thick.

The material is 100% cotton, so even though it is low gauge, it is not too thick and can be used all year round! !

In addition, the gradation design enhances the presence when worn alone! !

Yohji Yamamoto

Yoji damage knit. This time, I'm wearing a white inner layer so that the contrast with the damaged details is easier to see, but I think it would be cool to have it all black.

You can also wear it casually with sweatpants or sneakers ◎ You can also wear it with slacks and boots like Yohji ◎

It is available in only one size, and the width and length of the garment are all loosely sized.

The material is cotton with a little silk in it, giving it an elegant and cool feeling. The red, blue, and black stitches are accented to match the damaged parts, which is a point that distinguishes it from ordinary damaged knits! !

…That’s all for this time, we have introduced our recommended knitwear coordination! !

At the store, of course, we are waiting for you to inquire about the product! !

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