23FW 展示会レポート

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Today, as the title suggests, I would like to report on the Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

Even though it's a report, I'm updating my blog because I want to introduce new brands that will be handled from next season, but...! ! (lol)

Well then, everyone, do you know the brand called sacai ? ?

Of course, many of you know this.

So, do you like the sacai brand? ?

A must-read for those who love sacai! !

In this report, we will introduce and report on two new brands , Tamme and MA Y KAM, which will be available from 2023/AW! !


Tamme, does anyone know MAYKAM? ?

Tamme and MAYKAM are Japanese domestic brands that are attracting a lot of attention in the future.

Both are brands from sacai who built their careers in sacai. I think that sacai lovers will like this brand very much.

Let's start with Tamme's introduction.

Tamme, a brand started in 2021 by a designer with a brilliant track record as a former sacai pattern maker who won the Soen Award.

A Japanese fashion brand by designer Tatsuya Tamada, which started in autumn/winter 2021 as a brand that creates unique and cool items that are attracting a lot of attention regardless of career and title.

How will Tamme utilize the technology cultivated by the popular brand sacai?
I am a promising designer.

The brand name "Tamme" is a combination of the common letters of "homme" and "femme", which represent gender, and the name of designer Tatsuya Tamada.

Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1988. In 2006, after graduating from high school in Fukushima Prefecture, entered Bunka Fashion College. After learning about fashion, she won the 86th Shion Prize.

The concept is "reconstruction of diversity, renewal of existing by extraction".

23AW is like this.

Quote from TAMME official Instagram

Tamme is an up-and-coming domestic brand that has just started. Please look forward to it.


For the 2023 Spring/Summer season, Kazuyuki Morohashi will launch MIDERI. From autumn/winter 2023, the name will be changed to "MAYKAM".

A knitwear brand created by Kazuyuki Morohashi.

After graduating from ESMOD Japon Tokyo school, Morohashi was in charge of planning and production at men's apparel. Joined sacai in 2011 and has worked in the knit and cut-and-sew division for 10 years.

At "makem", based on the concept of new possibilities and values ​​of knitwear, we will explore the approach of reinterpreting conventional knitwear, the fusion of weft knitting and circular knitting, and the design that coexists with everyday life.

It will be the 1st season of MAYKAM. Please look forward to it as well.

I'll report back as soon as it arrives! !

Stay tuned for the next blog! !