Would you like to give “NOWALL SPECIAL GIFT SET” as a Valentine's gift?

NOWALL offers 3 types of original gift sets.

・A set ⇒ ¥22,000 (tax included)

・B set ⇒ ¥55,000 (tax included)

・C set ⇒ ¥110,000 (tax included)

A special box containing 2 or more items handled by NOWALL!

The contents of each set are as follows: A set worth ¥50,000 or more, B set worth ¥150,000 or more, C set worth ¥300,000 or more.

Also, for each set, you can choose from 3 sizes: [ S/M ] / [ M/L ] / [ L/XL ].

*It will be delivered in a gift-wrapped form.

★The contents are more powerful than the lucky bag that was well received last time, so please look forward to it! ! In addition, in order to eliminate the anxiety that tends to occur with lucky bags, "What if the size doesn't fit...", this time you can choose from three sizes as described above. If you are unsure about the size, please feel free to contact the store! !

When purchasing, please be sure to check the following notes before checking out.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the store directly.


*Please note that you cannot choose the brand of the set contents or the size of each item.

*Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges.

■ TEL: 0798-56-9433

■OPEN: 11:00-19:30 (irregular holidays)