June is the start of the rainy season... The temperature is gradually rising, and you may be spending more time wearing just short sleeves.

So this time, I would like to introduce NOWALL's recommended T-shirt brand! !

The brand we introduce this time is

It is MADE WORN ! !

I think there are still many people who do not know

Let's start with the brand history. . .

A luxury brand from LA founded in 2013 by Blaine Halvorson. As the brand name suggests (Made = Worn = Worn), all new clothes and accessories with a worn texture are produced by hand. We propose experience, space, and comfortable collections, and create products with memories and ideas as the essence from thread, leather, flannel, canvas, cotton, metal, brick, steel, etc. Halvorson began studying graphic design while he was in college, aiming to become a lawyer. Clothing” was established.

After arriving in LA with just one bag and finding success, he sold the brand and created his hand-finished products, MadeWorn, from a vast studio that can be visited by appointment.

The main item of MADE WORN is the T-shirt. At first glance, it looks like a vintage band t-shirt (artist's tour t-shirt), but as you can see above, it's actually all hand-crafted vintage.

New tour T-shirts with original designs (mainly Western artists and bands) are processed to give a vintage look.

In addition, the T-shirts are sewn using an old-fashioned sewing machine, and the hem stitches are single-stitched, and so on. Please check it out at the store! !

In recent years, the popularity and demand for vintage band T-shirts has increased, and prices are soaring even in the second-hand clothing market.

If it's MADE WORN, it's a piece that can be worn casually even by those who are a little hesitant about second-hand clothes or those who aren't familiar with vintage items! !

All the processing is carefully done by hand, so one of the attractions is that each piece has a different impression of printing and damage.

It's the size of a T-shirt, but the body has a regular fit and the sleeve length is slightly short, so it can be worn unisex! !

* Due to handmade processing, there are individual differences in size depending on the item.

It can be worn alone or worn as an inner layer! ! … So it is worth seeing and touching the real thing! !

First of all, please try it on at the store! ! ! !

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